Welcome To BCLF

All of three of us were partners in the same multi-office law firm ranked among the top 100 largest law firms. Actually, everyone who works with us used to work at the law firm.  While the experiences we gained in serving large corporations were invaluable, we wanted greater flexibility to serve a greater range of clients — unencumbered by growing overheads and rising, fixed hourly rates.

At BCLF, we continue to provide our long-time corporate clients with the professionalism and expertise that they have come to expect.  But, we now spend less time filling out forms to schedule a conference room or punching in a ten-digit code before making a long-distance call and more time learning your business.  We are now free to talk about your plans and strategies — even when it is not billable.  We know that in the long-run this type of communication makes good business sense for both your business and ours because it allows us to help you continue to make smart business decisions.


To provide big law firm sophistication and expertise, but to provide the accessibility and attention of a small firm.
We take our work seriously, but never lose our sense of humor.
We will not stop working to find and adapt to better ways to serve you.
We leverage technology to level the playing field when negotiating or litigating against larger opponents.

Our Focus

Corporate 100
Intellectual Property 100
Intellectual Property & Commercial Litigation 100
Environmental 100